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The following testimonials are taken from letters I've received from actual satisfied clients and are shared with full approval and permission from all individuals.

"Dave helped me to see through the shame and emotional scars and find my true self underneath"

B. Dave Walters has been a close personal friend of mine for the last 12 years. He has always been there for me during trying times and offered great personal wisdom to get me through those times. Recently, he helped me greatly while I was going through the pain of a divorce. Even though Dave lives across the entire country, he offered his support and helped talk me through some very difficult issues. Without Dave’s encouragement and help, I do not know if I would have been able to make it through such a difficult trial on my own. Rather than wallowing in self pity and guilt, Dave helped me to see through the shame and emotional scars and find my true self underneath. I have always valued his friendship and cannot thank him enough for his kindness and support in helping me to regain my self-confidence and self-respect.

-S. Jerry, Little Rock, AR

"I would trust him with literally anything"

B. Dave Walters is an exceptional listener with an uncanny ability to dissect any situation right to the heart of the matter with absolutely no judgment or bias.  I've never met anyone more capable of seeing all sides to any situation / debate.  I would trust him with literally anything.

-B. Moody, Hollywood, CA; 2 time Grammy Award Winner

"Helped me to recognize and resolve obstacles that were disheartening and unnerving"

B. Dave Walters has consulted me in my previous and current relationship. His words of wisdom have helped me to recognize and resolve obstacles that were disheartening and unnerving.

-C. Crawford, Atlanta, GA

"His holistic approach to relationships is realism with heart"

Dave Walters gave me more than his advice, he gave me inspiration. His holistic approach to relationships is realism with heart. I have utilized him many, many times and will again!

 -V. Manuel, Culver City, CA

"Dave is the man who always reminds us that we never wander the earth alone and all things are possible"

I have had the extreme fortune of knowing Dave for about 14 years. And I love and respect this man for far too many reasons to count, but, I have to say, if I ever truly believed in a Gospel, thy word is Dave.

Not only was Dave (still is) an amazing friend and support system to me during my most vulnerable, teenage years, but he was a wonderful and loyal friend to my very (and most) dear brother. His honor and integrity to his friends and himself struck me almost immediately upon meeting him. Dave is unlike anyone I have ever met because he possesses this profound duality of being both supremely confident (and righteously so) and incredibly compassionate, humble and understanding.

Though we lost touch for several years following high school graduation, I forever clung, very tightly, to the single most valuable piece of advice ever advocated to me in my thirty years of life on this planet. Of course, it was trademark Dave. At 17 years-old.

It speaks infinite volumes in its simple wisdom and furthermore, means more to me than my vernacular can summon into meaningful prose. Having shared a host of personal binds in my lifetime- be it emotional family trauma, relationship woes or unemployment- I cannot say, emphatically enough, that the most straightforward, honest and logical advice invariably comes from Dave.

Imagine an arrow: Never, not for one second, wavering in its course, shooting straight and steady for the galaxy and all things beyond… that is Dave Walters personified. He is the immaculate conception of all that is just, kind, selfless and TRUE in a phrenetic state of existence that all of us are familiar with. Dave is the friend you reach out to and always and immediately reaches back to you, in spite of his many career obligations and commitment to his beautiful family. Dave is the kind of person that makes you breathe easier just because you are lucky enough to be personally acquainted with him. Dave is the man who always reminds us that we never wander the earth alone and all things are possible.

Life has a funny way of slapping us in the face. Call it a sense of humor, if you must. It should be mentioned that Dave has an extraordinary sense of humor- in a way that pertains to leveling your perceived sense of chaos, he always provides an amazing sense of serenity.

He is an exceptional example of Life Well Lived. He always means what he says. I doubt anyone, including myself, could ever thank him enough for being such a precious and invaluable part of part of our lives. I salute you, Dave Walters. Now, always and forever. Thank you for all that you do.

-J. Swanson, Denver, CO

B. Dave Walters - Writer, Life Coach, and Talk Radio Host
Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego 

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