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Personal Coaching

* Our Clients include Actors, Directors, and Grammy Award Winning Producers

There is our revolutionary RISE UP COACHING program! 


Have you accomplished your goals, but still feel empty inside? 

Is there anything in life you KNOW you should do, but you just don't do it?

Perhaps you've read books, listened to audio programs, or gone to seminars, but things still didn't change.  

The reason why is simple: all the knowledge in the world will only change your life if you TAKE ACTION.  

Maybe you want to lose weight, find a new job, or meet that special someone. One way to get started is with a Coach who can help you figure out what's stopping you, create a plan, and more importantly DO IT!!!

All you need is a computer with a microphone and you can start changing your life from the comfort of your own home:

Program Options and Monthly Rates:

*No contracts and cancel at any time*

Daily E-mail Coaching Program. The key to success is accountability; now you can receive daily two-way e-mail messages, videos and podcasts that help you stay focused on your goals and get ahead in life. You can receive the same coaching and guidance we use for our celebrity clients for a fraction of the cost !

$49.99 Per Month

$99.99 Per 3 Months

Even though we have developed our E-Mail Coaching Plans to be effective as well as affordable, the best results come from having a face to face relationship with your Coach. We have also developed programs that allow anyone to have the exact same coaching experience as our celebrity clients face to face in Los Angeles, or from the comfort of your own home:

Platinum Plan: Two-Way E-Mail And Video Coaching + Four 30 Minute Internet (Skype) Calls:

In addition to the benefits listed in the Platinum Plan, this allows you to form a deeper bond with your Coach and work together to build a one-of-a-kind coaching program custom designed just for you! This plan can be split into four 30 minute calls, or two 60 minute calls per month.  Face to face session are available for Clients in the Los Angeles area.

Individuals, Couples, and Family Coaching

1 month - 4 sessions (2 together and/or 2 1-on-1) $499

3 months (12 sessions) $999

Business, Executive, and Stakeholder Coaching for up to 25 Employees

1 month - 4 sessions (2 together and/or 2 1-on-1) $9,999
3 months (12 sessions) $14,999
(Please contact us for more information)

All coaching can be done via Skype, or face to face in the Los Angeles area

B. Dave Walters - Writer, Life Coach, and Talk Radio Host
Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego 

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