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Public Speaking

Keynote Speeches & Topics

What Inner Peace and Mental Clarity really is, how to get it,
and how to use it to build your personal and professional dreams.

Your audience will learn:

 How to avoid the most common killers of dreams
 Whats really been holding you back, and how to fix it in an instant
 Exactly why you must have 100% clarity to become a true champion and lead the field…
and the real reason most people are weak and fail
 How to always stay calm and focused, so you can come out on top in any situation
 Some of the greatest secrets ever revealed to Humanity: wisdom that was only taught in the Egyptian, Greek, and Essene schools after 7 years of probation and training.

Topics Include: Inner Peace & Mental Clarity Training, Effective Communication,
The Law of Attraction and the 7 Universal Laws, "Mars & Venus" Communication,
Esoteric / Gnostic Christianity or Buddhism, Interfaith Dialog, or any other
Spiritual, Self-development or Business topic you may request. 

Keynote Speech (up to 90 Minutes) in USA $15,000

Full Day Program in USA $20,000

Deposits: 50% of Speaking Fee is required to confirm date. Remaining 50% Payment is due within 30 days after speech. 5% discount if full payment is received in advance of program.

Travel Expenses: Travel Expenses will be added to speaking fee. Unrestricted round trip coach airfare, ground transportation, and moderate meals. Hotels should be guaranteed for late arrival and billed directly to your organization.

Cancellation Policy: If the program is cancelled for any reason more than sixty (60) days prior to the agreed date, it's our policy to reschedule (within 12 months) for the same fee. Should you be forced to cancel the program sixty days or less before the date of the program the full speaking fee is due and payable by the date of the original program.

Note: All Video/Audio Rights are negotiable.

Please Contact Us with further questions, or to make appearance arrangements 
B. Dave Walters - The Web Monk: Life Strategist and Spiritual Coach
Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego 

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