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Spiritual Coaching

For those of you interested in Spiritual Growth:

We have created our Spiritual Coaching Library!

One of my primary goals has been to help bridge the gap between Science and Spirituality, and help bring God back to the center of people's lives.  

Every Sunday I'll post new talks, podcasts or PDFs available here for download; enjoy!  

The first one is: 

How God Thinks, Or, The 7 Universal Laws 

Everything you need to know about the Law of Attraction, and how it fits into the greater functioning of the Universe.  


*Why the Law of Attraction is only an aspect of the Law of Vibration, and how to apply it

*How to change your thinking to more easily Co-Create with God 

*A full explanation and introduction to all 7 Universal Laws and how to apply them

*And much, much more.

Click below to purchase for $2.99 and start off connecting with your Creator!

Click here to get started! 

B. Dave Walters - Writer, Life Coach, and Talk Radio Host
Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego 

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