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Rise UP with B. Dave Walters

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All About You with B. Dave Walters

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B. Dave Walters, the "Web Monk", has made a career out of helping people.

For years, friends and relatives looked to him for guidance and support during difficult times, and he realized at an early age that his purpose in life was to serve and inspire.

While touring as a personal coach with a prominent rock band, he was discovered by one of the top trainers of the Anthony Robbins companies, which lead to him settling down to open and operate a Marketing, Business Services and Coaching firm in Los Angeles.

Armed with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, he brings the same discipline and determination that helped him earn Black Belt rankings in Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi to all areas of study and focus.

In addition to earning a degree in English from Morehouse College, he has mastered the science of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and other communication, healing, counseling and spiritual systems from all over the world.

He brings his empathy, insight, and vast personal experience into all his relationships, which has lead to him being one of the most sought after Coaches in the world today.

He lives in Burbank, California with his wife and two daughters.

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A Message from the Founder:

Our world is at a crossroads.

In November 2008, hope, excitement, and patriotism reached an all time high, but has begun to drop off just as quickly. It is our mission to get the hearts and minds of people all over the world back on track, and our nation moving forward once again.

Our goal is to transcend social, religious, and cultural divisions in order to empower as many people as we can to experience as much success and happiness in their lives as possible. Our reasoning is simple: more happy successful people equals more happy successful communities, which become a happy and successful nation and world. In short, our plan is to save the world, one life at a time, but we need your help; join us!

B. Dave Walters - Writer, Life Coach, and Talk Radio Host
Los Angeles - Orange County - San Diego 

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